Introducing Super GEO targeting for WapStart clients

WapStart – a digital advertising platform – regularly expands targeting options for advertisers. Properly selected traffic targeting options are essential for receiving the most relevant audience and highest conversion for any advertising campaign. WapStart’s most recent improvements to it’s proprietary DMP now enables the use of a super precise geo targeting for ...

WapStart enters Web Search advertising market

WapStart – global marketing provider – announced the expansion of the advertising tools and services available to its clients. The advertisers are now able to run search advertising campaigns. Running such campaigns is carried out through an account manager and can be done as a part of a comprehensive marketing ...

WapStart automatically finds best matching traffic for your campaigns

Would you like to have a tool that allows to exclude non-converting sources of traffic before even launching an advertising campaign? A tool, that allows you to find traffic that will best match to the goals and objectives of your campaign? Now you can with WapStart traffic auto filtering DSP ...

WapStart launches Native Ad support for programmatic

Various mobile advertising formats have different effects on the users and help achieve different marketing goals: some are aimed at attracting new users, some are for increasing user loyalty to a product or brand, and others are for engaging and increasing the users involvement. WapStart – Russia’s leading ad tech ...

Wapstart introduces audience loyalty and engagement measurement tools

WapStart – the largest mobile advertising network in Russia and CIS, announces technology targeting assessment of the customer loyalty to the brands before and after a campaign on the basis of statistical data and integrated re-targeted surveys. For the first time advertisers have fast and simple way to reliably evaluate ...

Mobile marketing – effective channel during a crisis

According to the eMarketer research, the mobile advertising spending in Russia will almost double ($776 million) in 2016 in comparison with 2015. This positive dynamic will continue during the following years, and in 2018 the advertising spending will grow to $1.4 billion. It is almost a 100% year of year ...

WapStart launches mobile oriented DMP

WapStart, the largest independent mobile AdTech platform in Russia and CIS, has launched its  own DMP product – intelligent system for storing, analyzing and segmenting users based on their behavioral data and intent. This DMP is tightly integrated with the WapStart’s flagship DSP platform “Plus1″ allowing advertisers to target users ...

WapStart adds global games developer TinyLabProductions to its DSP

WapStart – Russia’s largest mobile ad network is constantly working to attract quality traffic, including direct premium publishers. As part of this work WapStart adds TinyLabProductions inventory, one of the largest games developer of Android applications. Some of the TinyLabProductions’s market hits include such games as «Orboran», “Racing Game for ...

Lost metric: conversion from impressions

Optimizing performance and get the best results of advertising campaigns – a key goal for mobile advertising marketers. WapStart account managers main goal is to helps clients reach their KPI quickly. Account managers run dozens of client campaigns on a daily bases gathering a lot of insights and metrics to ...

WapStart introduces technology for a quick MyTarget campaigns start and optimization

WapStart has completed the integration of myTarget into it’s DSP platform. MyTarget is the advertising solution from Mail.Ru Group, which brings together the major Russian social networks VK and with the total coverage of more than 140 million people. These are some of the benefits advertisers will be able ...

Finding top conversion ressources for your campaign

WapStart DSP platform allows advertiser to set different targeting options depending on the advertising goals. The advertiser can chose gender, age of the targeted audience, geography, operators and device characteristics as well as schedule for when to show the ads. Advertiser can also use publisher categories or lists to further ...

Best kept secret to getting 50% conversion from our customer

Advertisers know that the effectiveness of a campaign depends on many factors: correct targeting, Ad formats, quality of the  traffic, etc. That is true, but there are some factors that sometimes escape the attention of even the most experienced marketer: using the right hit offers in the advertising message. Our ...

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Политика конфиденциальности

Соблюдение Вашей конфиденциальности важно для компании WapStart. По этой причине мы разработали Политику Конфиденциальности, которая описывает, как мы собираем и используем Вашу информацию, а также описывает возможность отказа от ее сбора и использования. Пожалуйста, ознакомьтесь с нашими правилами соблюдения конфиденциальности и сообщите нам, если у вас возникнут какие-либо вопросы.

Какую информацию мы собираем

WapStart собирает информацию, не являющуюся персональной, т.е. такую информацию, которую нельзя напрямую ассоциировать с каким-либо определенным лицом. К такой информации относится: бренд, модель, операционная система, уникальный идентификатор устройства, используемый браузер, местоположение, если оно доступно. Для определения местоположения WapStart может использовать координаты, передаваемые Вашим устройством — подобная информация передается только с Вашего прямого согласия в момент установки приложения или в момент попытки передачи координат. WapStart не допускает передачу координат без прямого подтверждения и согласия пользователя. Также WapStart использует файлы cookie и анонимные идентификаторы для определения уникальных пользователей в браузере и в мобильных приложениях соответственно.

Как мы используем собранные данные

Вся собранная информация используется исключительно в целях отображения релевантной таргетированной рекламы. При этом мы стараемся подбирать наиболее интересные для Вас рекламные объявления и следим за тем, чтобы Вы не видели рекламное объявление несколько раз подряд.

Замечание: если Вы очистите файлы cookie или поменяете браузер, Вам следует повторить текущую операцию.

Privacy Policy

Your confidentiality compliance is highly important for WapStart company. That is why we developed a Privacy Policy which describes, how we collect and use Your personal information. It also describes how you can preserve your data from being collected and used. Please get acquainted with our Privacy Policy and contact us if You have any further questions

Which information do we collect?

WapStart collects non-personalized data. This means that any piece of information cannot be associated with the specific person. Such data contains information about the brand, type of mobile device, operation system, unique device ID, browser, location (if accessible). WapStart uses the geo-data that your device is transmitting for location identification. Such information can only be transmitted by Your direct agreement that You give when You install the app or when the signal is actually being transmitted. WapStart doesn’t allow geo-data passage unless You confirm Your agreement directly. Moreover, WapStart uses cookie-files and anonymous user ID for unique user identification in browsers and applications correspondingly.

How do we use the collected data

We use all the collected data solely to show You relevant ads. We try to select most interesting ads for You and do not show You one and the same ad many times in a row.

Note: If You delete cookies or change Your browser, please repeat this operation.