Wapstart introduces audience loyalty and engagement measurement tools

WapStart – the largest mobile advertising network in Russia and CIS, announces technology targeting assessment of the customer loyalty to the brands before and after a campaign on the basis of statistical data and integrated re-targeted surveys.

For the first time advertisers have fast and simple way to reliably evaluate users reaction to a marketing campaign. This enables us to optimize and achieve true business goals and not just the secondary indicators such as CTR or bounce rates.

The effectiveness of mobile advertising can be measured by various indicators, some of which are quantitative, and some – qualitative, such as user engagement and brand loyalty. In order to effectively manage an advertising campaign and marketing strategy as a whole, we need to pay attention to both sets of the indicators. However, while the quantitative indicators are reasonably precise measurements in mobile advertising, the marketers have difficulty in assessing quality indicators in a simple and integrated way as a post campaign metric. That is why WapStart created the functionality of the integrated surveys, which allows to evaluate brand loyalty before and after the start of an ad campaigns automatically and with precision.

The functionality of surveys uses our proven retargeting and DMP technology, enabling to segment users into different groups, based on such organic parameters as the level of involvement in the application (active users, users of average activity, “sleeping” users), as well as to work out different scenarios and hypotheses. If the user falls into one of the segments (for example, inactive – “sleeping” users that have viewed advertisements), a survey to assess the relationship with the product or brand could be offered after viewing an AD. At the same time not engaging with those users who do not fall into the specified scenario, such as active or recently measured customer. Multiple different segments and questions could be measured in parallel clarifying marketing hypothisis with a single campaign. As a result, representative segment conclusions are gathered based on all collected information from before and after, allowing to evaluate up tick effect as well as understand what segments have high or low loyalty. Subsequent campaign could then re-target low loyalty segments with a specific offer while other segments receive different personalized messages.

Mikhail Evdokimov, the head of account management: “The functionality of surveys is very important for our advertisers, because it allows to measure the interest and effect of an advertising campaigns. Particularly interesting is that it can be used in conjunction with our DMP, as this allows you to poll the audience on a pre-prepared list of users, their properties and behaviors».

The findings are not only a reflection of the effectiveness of a given campaign, but also the basis for the further personalized interaction with the customer and understand his expectations about the advertised product.

About WapStart
WapStart is the largest mobile advertising network in Russia and CIS. The company provides services to thousands of mobile websites and applications within local and international markets. Monthly WapStart audience reach is 40 million people and over 5 billion impressions. WapStart possesses advanced technologies of targeting and audience analysis, allowing to carry out advertising campaigns in mobile environment with high investment profitability.


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Политика конфиденциальности

Соблюдение Вашей конфиденциальности важно для компании WapStart. По этой причине мы разработали Политику Конфиденциальности, которая описывает, как мы собираем и используем Вашу информацию, а также описывает возможность отказа от ее сбора и использования. Пожалуйста, ознакомьтесь с нашими правилами соблюдения конфиденциальности и сообщите нам, если у вас возникнут какие-либо вопросы.

Какую информацию мы собираем

WapStart собирает информацию, не являющуюся персональной, т.е. такую информацию, которую нельзя напрямую ассоциировать с каким-либо определенным лицом. К такой информации относится: бренд, модель, операционная система, уникальный идентификатор устройства, используемый браузер, местоположение, если оно доступно. Для определения местоположения WapStart может использовать координаты, передаваемые Вашим устройством — подобная информация передается только с Вашего прямого согласия в момент установки приложения или в момент попытки передачи координат. WapStart не допускает передачу координат без прямого подтверждения и согласия пользователя. Также WapStart использует файлы cookie и анонимные идентификаторы для определения уникальных пользователей в браузере и в мобильных приложениях соответственно.

Как мы используем собранные данные

Вся собранная информация используется исключительно в целях отображения релевантной таргетированной рекламы. При этом мы стараемся подбирать наиболее интересные для Вас рекламные объявления и следим за тем, чтобы Вы не видели рекламное объявление несколько раз подряд.

Замечание: если Вы очистите файлы cookie или поменяете браузер, Вам следует повторить текущую операцию.

Privacy Policy

Your confidentiality compliance is highly important for WapStart company. That is why we developed a Privacy Policy which describes, how we collect and use Your personal information. It also describes how you can preserve your data from being collected and used. Please get acquainted with our Privacy Policy and contact us if You have any further questions

Which information do we collect?

WapStart collects non-personalized data. This means that any piece of information cannot be associated with the specific person. Such data contains information about the brand, type of mobile device, operation system, unique device ID, browser, location (if accessible). WapStart uses the geo-data that your device is transmitting for location identification. Such information can only be transmitted by Your direct agreement that You give when You install the app or when the signal is actually being transmitted. WapStart doesn’t allow geo-data passage unless You confirm Your agreement directly. Moreover, WapStart uses cookie-files and anonymous user ID for unique user identification in browsers and applications correspondingly.

How do we use the collected data

We use all the collected data solely to show You relevant ads. We try to select most interesting ads for You and do not show You one and the same ad many times in a row.

Note: If You delete cookies or change Your browser, please repeat this operation.